Love People, Use Things

A few weeks ago, I invited my friend out to play basketball with me and some of my other friends. Let’s call this my friend ’Tee’.
Fun fact, Tee does not know how to play basketball - in fact, I don’t think she has ever wielded one before.

Anyway, she obliged and came with me but she was mostly watching while trying to shoot much smaller hoops ( the one made for kindergarten children😂). At some point, we were going to play a game and my other friends and I invited Tee to play with us. We were five in total. Myself and Tee were on one team and the three others were on the other team!
Before we started the game, my major concern wasn’t whether or not we win, my major concern was for Tee to have fun especially because she doesn’t play basketball!
We started the game and whatever opportunity I got, I made sure I passed the ball to her. I wasn’t trying to monopolize the ball. I wasn’t focused on scoring. I was focused on Tee.
Surprise surprise!!! She made two or three baskets and we won the game. I scored nothing but left that court extremely excited!

In essence, it’s always about the people. We need to focus more on people than on things. When we focus on the people, those things fall in place like they should.

There are so many examples in the Bible where Jesus showed us to always put people first.
The woman with the case of adultery, the Pharisees were more focused on supposedly set ideals than on the person. They were more focused on putting Jesus in trouble and it didn’t matter who got hurt in the process.
There’s also the episode where the disciples of Jesus were plucking ears of corn to eat on the Sabbath because they were hungry and the Pharisees were making a scene. They were always more focused on the ideals than on the person!

That is why Jesus was always correcting the Pharisees. They didn’t consider people but put precepts above them -  whether or not the precepts were absolutely reasonable or doable, it didn’t matter.

Jesus gives us an example, to always love people first! To consider people first!
Love people and use things, do not reverse one for the other.

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