Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin

It’s important for us to correct each other when we need to but, never from a place of judgment - always from a place of love.

People are more open to corrections when they are certain it’s coming from a place of care and genuine concern. Corrections may not be easy to accept but it sure is easier when it comes from people that we are certain care about us. Love people first - only then can you do right by them.

Another thing is this, people are more open to taking your corrections when they see you take your own advice. This means that you at least try to live out what you preach.

We are human beings & as such we are prone to the imperfections that comes with being human. We would have or we would at one point or another, fall short but what’s important is that we don’t stay there.

God hates the sin & not the sinner and it’s that attitude that we must adopt too when people offend us or when they offend other people that aren’t us. We must learn to be patient with people. We must open our hearts to loving people a little more.

& No, it’s not their business and it’s not their life. We are responsible for one another. We are responsible for the people God has entrusted to us as family, friends, colleagues and so on. Therefore, when there’s a need for us to correct them in love, we must. We are all one family. (Father, May they all be one - John 17; 11)

God never condemns us & as such we shouldn’t condemn ourselves or others. We should be patient with ourselves and others. After all, Love is Patient. (Love one another, just as I have loved you - John 13;34)

We must also be sincere with ourselves as regards our own actions. So, we accept our imperfections but we don’t really accept it, we accept our inadequacies but we don’t really accept it. We accept our mistakes but we don’t really accept it. We acknowledge & un-acknowledge at the same time. Basically Clinging to a false sense of self. We can’t afford to carry this kind of attitude into our relationship with God. So, we have to be sincere with ourselves and most importantly, we have to be sincere with God.

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