Making Mistakes Does Not Cancel You!

Looking back, there are probably a number of things we wish we had not done. We are human beings & as such we are prone to the imperfections that comes with being human. It’s an inbuilt feature of a complex existence.
We would have or we would at one point or another, fall short but what’s important is that we don’t stay there.   

You can make mistakes and still be good enough. In fact you will make mistakes but guess what, you will still be good enough - Because, with the help and grace of God, you will work yourself to the point of being good enough.

Of course, learn from your past & better yourself from those experiences but do not let it define you. Experiences shape who we are, but do not have to control who we can be. The past is behind us & on most days, that’s where it belongs.
What I just want you to understand is this - regardless of what the past is, it isn’t your present reality.

Because with Jesus, what matters is who you are now & who you are willing to be for Him. It’s more of a present & future basis & definitely not based on your past. Your Mistakes do not define you, God does. 

Extend that hand of Charity to other people around you as well. When they are offend you or hurt you, know that they are struggling too, just like you & cut them a little more slack.

We really should try to be tender in our criticisms. I am not saying we should compromise our standards or value system - No, we should never do that. I’m just saying that  we should not be brash in our approach. Make excuses for people sometime. God knows we could all use a little grace.

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