Run towards love, run towards God!

“And the one who comes to me I will never send away.” (John 6;37)

God loves you & that’s the truth. It’s important to constantly remind ourselves that - God loves us.
It’s only when we believe in and are understanding of that love that we can fully live it out.
So, again; God Loves You.

That God Loves you means that He loves you now. Of course He wants you to be better, He wants you to do better but He loves you now. He doesn’t love some future version of you. He loves you now but wants you to materialize into a ‘future you’ that’s deserving of his all encompassing and infinite love.

If we understand this, then we know that sometimes when we fall, we have only one option - to run towards love, to run towards God.
Our running away from God because we failed Him in a way shows a lack of understanding of the massiveness of the Love God has for us. Because if you come to Him, He will never send you away.

Not only is God waiting for us to come to Him, he’s also beckoning & calling on us to come to Him.
There’s so much noise in the world these days but even in the midst of that noise & chaos, if we are being sincere with ourselves, we still feel God’s tuggings, we can still detect His summons.

We are human therefore we are weak sometimes but a weak child if he is wise, tries to draw near his Father. Draw near to God all the time.

The reality is this; God never tires of us. He died for us yet He yearns to continually demonstrate His love for Us. He only asks that we allow Him to. He only asks that we come to Him.

Yes, some days are easy & some are just difficult but the goal isn’t to accept the idea of easy days and difficult days. The goal is to be someone who is worthy of that divine love of God.
You’re probably trying as it is, but you can try a little more each day. That you keep trying is all God asks of you.

Allowing God to love you is in the acceptance of the hand of love that He constantly stretches out to you, that he constantly stretches out to us.
You cannot feel the fullness of a love that’s not accepted. Friend, Allow God to love you.

Get through this week knowing that God Loves you. Not hoping that He loves you but with a certainty that He does love you. God loves you & He loves you with a love that is deliberate and unique. So by all means, run towards love, run towards God.

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