Creative Brilliance From A Christian Inspiration! Meet Sharon

In a world where most people relegate religion to the background, Sharon chooses to bring it to the fore. She is so vocal about her faith in a way that is so inspiring, in a way that encourages others to be vocal about their faith too. This manifests in different ways with respect to the kind of content she puts out.

Sharon Ashley Nwosu, a digital creator and trained aeronautics engineer with a degree from the University of Ghana is the Christian creative we are highlighting at this time. With almost a hundred thousand followers on Instagram, over 43.4K subscribers and more than 2.4 million views on YouTube, Sharon is evidently taking the world of digital media by storm.

Her content covers quite a wide range of topics, from faith, to hair, skin care, food and fashion, she really does it all and she does it well.

She began her YouTube career at the age of 19 and has been consistent since then. Bringing amazing content to her viewers including videos about her faith and pointers on how to be a Christian woman in modern times. Currently, there are 343 videos up on her YouTube channel so you have more than enough content to binge.

Her Instagram features quite a good number of Christian based content in form of short video messages, inspiring captions, reels with Christian music as the theme and so on. Links to the products she uses (hair, beauty products, jewelry pieces she wears and so on) can also be found on her Instagram. Safe to say her videos will point you to messages about God while giving you ideas on how to look good as well.

We love what Sharon does and we think that it’s important to celebrate and showcase Christian Creatives who inspire us.
Here’s to celebrating BAB women who love God and who look good loving God.

Sharon, may you never lose your wonder, Amen!

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