Behind The Scenes At BAB!

We all have that one thing that has happened at work, that one story nobody ever believes when we tell. Consider these one of ours.

As members of the BAB family, you know what BAB is about, what we stand for, essentially, who we are. Given a chance to describe us, words that’d probably come up are Christian, Africa, Faith-based, Jewelry brand, Christian business, because that’s what we represent.

Despite this though, we have gotten the most interesting requests for what we should put on our jewelry. You think it, we’ve probably been asked it.
Cuss Words, slangs, weird phrases, people even want a cross different than the one Jesus died on. That’s one of my favorites for sure, because how did you even come up with using a different cross?

Jewelry is gorgeous, but BAB jewelry is more than just accessories, it is an identity. One we are proud and excited to keep representing.
Of course the answers to these requests have been negative, we have brand  values and we most definitely stand by them.

Here’s just one of those things that happen behind the scenes of your favorite Christian brand you probably never thought could happen.

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