Stand Out With a Stylish Statement of Faith

Culture is often seen as the sum total of the peculiarities shared by a people. This means that a people’s values can be seen as part of their culture.
The culture of a people is what marks them out distinctively from other human societies in the family of humanity. These peculiarities go on to include the people’s language, dressing, music, works of art, dancing, social norms, taboos, food, rites of passages from birth through marriage to death, traditional occupations, religious as well as philosophical beliefs and values. 
That is why we would hear of things like 'work culture' or 'organizational culture'  - which in this context would mean the collection of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that make up the regular atmosphere in a work environment. 
Our goal as a company is to encourage a culture in which believers integrate their faith with every aspect of their lives, especially in what they wear. To provide believers with Christian based merch that boasts of as well as boosts their faith while encouraging them to identify with their roots as African.
Although sometimes, it may seem like our faith may not always encourage identifying with our culture, truth is we can choose the parts of our culture that align with our Christian values and elevate them to a divine level
So, let's say yes, to living our faith, yes to being proud of our culture and yes to looking good while doing both.
Our ‘Made In Heaven, Assembled in Africa’ Necklace (available in yellow gold, silver, rose gold and black) would pair perfectly with our ‘Africa Cross Stud’ earrings.
Our “Worship Is My Lifestyle” necklace, ‘ABBA’s Fave’ ring and ‘Romans 8:28’ earrings would take your look from good to wow!
There are so many options to live your truth and help others live theirs too.
Click the link and shop for you and yours!

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