Take Time Out To Pray

Even Jesus understood the importance of taking time out to be by Himself. From time to time, He withdrew from the demands of His Ministry, He withdrew from people, He took a break from His normal daily activities, He took time out from His disciples. He spent time in silence by Himself and most importantly, He spent time with His Father. He constantly took time out to Pray.

This periodic solitude that Jesus practiced was very instrumental to how He began His ministry, how He dealt with pressure, how He made important decisions, how He taught His disciples in private, how He prepared for His crucifixion and death, how He cared for His soul. Basically, Jesus drew His strength by spending time alone with His Father - In constant communication with Him, in Prayer.

We need to constantly take time out to be with God in silence, we need to take time out to Pray. It is how we can deal with life’s issues without losing our peace, without being distorted. It’s how we can gain more wisdom and make better decisions. It’s how we can take care of our soul. It’s how we can take care of our minds and by extension, It’s how we can take care of our bodies in the best possible way.

Take care of your mind - reflect
Take care of your body - rest.
Take care of your soul - Be with God a lot more, rush around a little less.

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