The Big Things Are Made Up Of The Little Things

Quite frankly, the little things are not so little after all. The little things can turn into big things & the big things, are made up of the little things.

A small detail such as ‘what you had for breakfast’ can potentially ruin your day,  especially if you had something you would rather not have and if you’re big on food issues (just like me😋).

The earlier you process such an information and get it out of your system, the better. For instance, If you paid for a meal for breakfast & that meal turns out to be a waste of your money, best believe that your day can be ruined because of that.

If your hairdresser or barber makes a tiny mistake on the style of your hairdo or haircut, you would probably be angry every single time you looked in the mirror till that hair is off. A tiny dissatisfying  detail of your day can potentially lead to more complex issues, if not processed or dealt with.

What better way to deal with all these things than to report everything to God. Just download the whole Gist for Him, He may laugh at you sometimes (like He laughed at James and John - Go and watch The Chosen) & He may make you Laugh at yourself but, He would definitely help you through it. & of course, laughter is a good thing too.

Talk to God about the supposed little things, so that they do not become more complex issues along the line. & Of course, those complex issues too should be brought before God, so that He can simplify them for you.

You know the drill, take a chance on God every time!

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