Toyin Walks the Walk - Meet One of Our Fav Christian Influencers

Our Christian journey cannot be lived in a vacuum, we cannot truly profess our faith only in certain aspects of our lives.
This is why it’s important to celebrate Christian creatives who have truly integrated their faith in their lives and have shown us innovative ways to live our Christian values in the modern world.

Our Christian influencer for the week is Oluwatoyin Bankole, a pharmacist, fashion influencer and digital creator. Her theme? Jesus and Fashion.
With over twenty three thousand followers on Instagram (@toyinbanks), she has partnered with brands such as Armani, Lancôme, Rebecca Minkoff, Albion, Kurt Geiger to name a few.

Who needs Pinterest when you have a Toyin Banks? Effortlessly bridging the gap between fashion and modesty in a time when the two do not often converge, she has carved a niche for herself that speaks of her convictions and it’s effect on her style.

Her voice is also quite a gift to behold, she posts videos of herself performing Gospel songs on @foreverworshippers.
Toyin Banks often has on jewelry from yours truly (Blessed Afrique Boutique). Wearing faith inspired pieces is definitely one of the ways to share one's faith.
Her Instagram page also features a link to help you shop the pieces which make up her outfits. She’s walking the walk and showing you how you can walk it too.

Blessed Afrique Boutique recently partnered with Toyin to give you an amazing “Jesus and Fashion” necklace. This necklace is currently available to shop on our website. You can be a BABe like Toyin. How? Simply shop our pieces.

Here’s to one of our favorite Christian Fashion BABes, and why you should be following her too!

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