What Do You Stand For?

In the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus, The only thing the rich man was guilty of was complacency.

Complacency which invariably turned into something that seemed like meanness because, why would you see a hungry person at your gate everyday for years and not even think for one single day to help out, even if it’s just remnants.

Interestingly, the rich man did not chase Lazarus away from his gate but neither did he help him.
He  did nothing! You cannot just pass by everyday and do nothing. You have to stand for something, you have to do something.

The  truth is that Complacency is a major reason for many failed relationships and friendships. Complacency with your job or craft makes you remain ordinary at what you do. Sometimes, Complacency with your Faith is why some persons are not growing in their Faith and the list is endless.

The bottom line is this, being constantly complacent  could be a huge limiting factor to your growth in every sense of the word.
You have to do something. You have to stand for something. So, what  do you stand for?

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