What is the basis of your friendship with people?

No long story this time. The basis of your friendship with people should be love. Loving people because you can and because you want to, and of course everyone is a child of God so, why not. It shouldn’t be more than that really.

Around that could be more reasons like oh, I just like who the person is or we share the same interests and all that but it shouldn’t be the basis. Because if the basis for loving people is who they are, that means that the moment they stop being that or the moment they stop sharing similar interests with you, you stop loving them or something in that direction.

Love is a decision. If you want to, then you will it.
Loving people beyond yourself sounds so noble but what’s true is that, it is far from easy. In fact, it is only possible if there is a much deeper undertone - A spiritual undertone.

But, we need to open our hearts to loving people.
Sometimes, you simply bask in the freedom of loving and not checking whether it’s being reciprocated or at least not always checking. 
Yes, it’s easier to go out of your way for someone when you know they would go out of their way for you but it cannot be the basis of your friendships with people.

Do you think Jesus was thinking - 'they would probably appreciate this or they would probably reciprocate that' or what not? He died knowing fully well that some people would never appreciate it or never reciprocate but He died anyway and for them still. Because that’s what loving people entails, because that’s what friendship is - the ability to will the good for the other. To choose the good for the other person at whatever cost. Sometimes, the good thing that other people need is good friendship, it is your friendship. Look beyond yourself. Beyond the ‘me, me, me’ complex.

So many people are extremely lonely. There’s a whole lot of loneliness around and this loneliness thing, it comes in waves. You’re perfect today, but tomorrow there’s just this longing for someone to get you. Not even in a way that has to do with relationships or dating or anything like that but a friend - good friendship. You want someone to get it and get you.

Make out time for people. Friendships cannot grow if you don’t invest time in them.
What do you think solid friendships are built on? Trust! But you wouldn’t know if you can trust someone if you don’t make an attempt to trust them with something. Take chances on people, share a little more. Especially because we all have things to share. It’s just that we don’t because we are always skeptical.

Say sorry to your friends when you offend them. Say thank you when they do something nice for you. Buy them food, give them gifts if you can.
Be sincere first. Be a genuine person first. Care first. You, do it first. Especially if you can. Take a chance. Take risks. You never really know

Most importantly, pour out your mind to God. Tell Him everything that’s going on with you, tell Him about your friends. Spend time with Him. Invest a lot of time in your relationship with God. Say sorry when you offend Him. Say Thank You constantly because God constantly gives us gifts. Take a chance on God every time! It’s always a sure bet.

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