Work- A Means To Glorify God

‘But even the very hairs of your head have been numbered’ (Luke 12:7)
God cares about you in your entirety. He cares about every detail of your life - your businesses, work, relationships. He cares about your favorite sport, your favorite food. He cares about everything.
Why then do we not consciously involve Him in everything when He clearly wants to be an integral part of everything; When we clearly need Him to be an integral part of everything.
True, there are things that we term as ‘critical’ to us & some others, not so critical. But whatever the case, God cares about all of them.
Truth is, everything is little compared to God. So with God, there isn’t any such thing like ‘a big thing’ or ‘a small thing’ - There is just everything & He cares about all of it.
[‘Behold the nations are like a drop of water in a bucket, and they are considered as the smallest grain on a balance. Behold, the islands are like a little dust’] (Isaiah 40:15)
God cares about work. So many parts of the Bible talk about how we have to work and how it’s important to do so.
Not only is work important to God but we would also spend a great deal of time on work throughout our lives. If those moments of work aren’t lived in ways that glorify God, then what moments will?
‘Strive to Glorify God in your work’ (Cor 10:31)
Therefore, our faith must reflect in the way we handle our work and business. Our Faith is secondary to nothing.
In fact, for our faith to be ‘our faith’ it has to be infused into everything.
Pray before you write that proposal, pray before you meet with clients, pray before you shoot that free throw, pray before you take that offer, pray before you cover that event, pray before you put out that content - & in all that you do, Glorify God with your work. God has good intentions about your work and businesses.
Invite God in. Pray it out.

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