You Are Not Alone

Everyone needs a person they can lean on. No one is self sufficient, no one is created to be.You are not less of anything just because you need help. Even Jesus needed people to care for Him, to feed Him, to Love Him. 

‘Peter, Do You Love Me?’ (John 21;16) - When Jesus asked Peter this question, I’m sure He knew the answer but He needed Peter to affirm it with His own mouth, He needed the validation. We all need some validation, sometime.

Zacchaeus invited Jesus over to His house, Jesus accepted and ate there - He allowed people to feed Him. 

Mary & Martha, the sisters of Lazarus were referred to as ‘friends of Jesus’ - Jesus had friends and He allowed that friendship to thrive. He was an active participant in that friendship. 

The woman who came to anoint Jesus’s feet with expensive perfume - He allowed it. He allowed her to splurge on Him and fuss over Him.

I can go and on with so many examples of How Jesus fully accepted His Humanity, fully lived it out, fully enjoyed it yet He never allowed His Humanity to stand in the way of the joys of His eternity. Instead, His Human and Divine components were in so much harmony such that they complemented each other. They worked together. He fully lived yet He never committed any sin.

The general idea is this - Everyone needs love, everyone needs to be loved, everyone responds to love. Therefore, allow yourself to love, allow yourself to be loved. Lean on someone when you need to, ask for help when it’s necessary, ask a question when you don’t understand, correct yourself when you've made a mistake and apologize when you err. You are not meant to do life alone. God is always with you & of course, He always sends help one way or another when you need it, when you ask for it and when you allow it. You are not alone. You are never alone.

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